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Our beauty services

For hand and foot care, the French Peggy Sage professional product line is available to our guests.


Please note that the manicure and pedicure services are not available by this time.

Traditional manicure

Relaxing hand-care treatment; after soaking the hands in water where effervescent tablets were dissolved, the nail plate is cleansed from dead skin. The forming and polishing of the nails – and varnishing, if required – make the hand care truly complete. The treatment is closed with a nourishing hand cream massage that moisturizes the skin and makes the tired hands silky soft.

50 minutes - HUF 5 400

Japanese manicure

Polishing manicure, which only adds natural substances to the nail plate; a popular method for maintaining well-groomed hands. It strengthens the broken fingernails and gives a long-lasting pink tint.

55 minutes - HUF 8 400

SPA pedicure

Refreshing, softening, and deep-hydrating treatment for dehydrated, heavy feet. Exfoliating, aesthetic treatment and nail filing, as well as nail polishing on request. The easier absorption of the active ingredients is achieved by massage at the end of the treatment.

75 minutes - HUF 7 400


Our feet bear the biggest load, so we have to nurture and pamper it with great care. Due to badly chosen shoes, the feet can deform, resulting in callus, cracked heel, corn, tubercle and ingrown toenail. The spa-pedicure helps to solve these problems.

75 minutes - HUF 8 400

Gel nail polishing

The gel nail polish combines the benefits of gel and traditional nail polishes. With dry manicure, the nails are prepared to the gel nail polishing. You can choose any colour to your taste and the nail polish will last for up to 4 weeks.

On hand nails - 60 minutes - HUF 7 500

On toe nails - 60 minutes - HUF 5 500

+ gel nail polish removal
30 minutes - HUF 2 500

Nail polishing

Nail polishing with nail forming is a temporary solution to achieve the feel of well-groomed nails. From our rich palette of colours, we can make beautiful nails on your hands or feet in your own style.

15 minutes - HUF 1 500

Fish pedicure in Bambara

The 20-minute foot bath has a great relaxing effect, while the micro massage of the fish is pampering your feet under the water.

The fish thoroughly cleans the skin during the treatment and accelerates blood circulation. It removes the callus from the heels and the excess skin from the nail bed, and makes the skin silky and soft to touch. It is especially recommended for those suffering from psoriasis or eczema.

One treatment: 20 minutes - HUf 4 700

Very important:

In the case of warts, open wounds or cuts on the feet, the use of fish pedicure is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

Make an appointment at the Bambara Spa and Sahel wellness reception.