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Body treatments

"Peak of Kilimanjaro" - icy awakening (with body scrub, back, shoulder and foot massage)

The relaxing foot massage is preceded by a full body scrub, which promotes the relaxation of the stiff and cramped muscles. This is followed by slow and relaxing massage movements made with a massage cream that contains menthol. It gives pleasant harmony and a feeling of intense vitality to all who choose it. We especially recommend this treatment to those who work in an office and/or have a stressful job.

60 minutes HUF 14 700

"Black gold" - muscle relaxing and pain-killing mud wrap (with back scrub, foot and back massage)

The peat mud used in the treatment contains essential humic acid, and the active ingredients of more than 350 different herbs, which together result in the unique effect of the mud. It is effective primarily for muscle cramps and joint pain. It has anti-inflammatory, strong detoxifying and painkilling effects, and increases the body's resistance. The cream used for the back and foot massage dispels the fatigue of everyday life.With a cup of tea, the treament is closed perfectly.

60 minutes HUF 16 700

Tibetan massage

Mixture of ground Himalayan stone and Dead Sea salts: our skin’s dream of pampering. A real relaxing massage, which affects both body and soul. The treatment with the small bags filled with warm pebbles relaxes and soothes the guest who wishes to break away from the busy everyday life. It has detoxifying, anti-stress and lymph circulation-boosting effect. The result is soft, smooth and silky skin. A cup of hot tea makes your relaxation more complete.

45 minutes HUF 18 700

Bamboo massage

This is an exclusive massage developed by Gerard's, which is done by bamboo rods. It is ideal for both men and women. The lymph cleansing effect is mixed with the beneficial effects of reflexology, stimulates both the blood and the lymphatic circulation and results in a general wellbeing, which spreads throughout the whole body and affects the soul, as well. The plant extract content of the bamboo oil has nourishing and restorative effects, the rose oil has a healing effect and is rich in omega 3. Ideal for cellulite treatments, too.

Back, shoulders, legs:
30 minutes HUF 9 700

Full massage: 60 minutes HUF 14 700

Chocolate massage

Thanks to the more than 800 molecules, the chocolate is the best endorphin producer, a material that affects the soul even on the cosmetic market. The chocolate has exceptional mood improving, sedative and anti-anxiety effects. Due to its dissolved mineral content, the chocolate hydrates and tones the skin and helps to slow down aging. A sweet-almond body scrub precedes the massage with chocolate cream of 1 % cocoa-content. Completely non-allergenic ingredients are used, making it suitable for the sensitive skin, too. Providing complete relaxation, we present you with a cup of tea.

Full massage: 60 minutes HUF 16 700

AKWATERRA - AYURVEDIC REVITALIZING BODY TREATMENT (with body scrub, body wrap and massage)

A ritual inspired by authentic beauty treatment which revitalizes the body and invites you to an imaginative journey. It is a truly special treatment, in which the whole body is scrubbed with sea salts soaked in vegetable oils to open the pores which accept the valuable ingredients. As long as your skin becomes one with the delicate wrap, we pamper you with facial and scalp massage. Finally, we massage your body by hand and using the unique Akwaterra hot tools. The muscles are deeply relaxed so you can free your senses and begin your journey towards the magical Spice Route ... At the end of the treatment, a cup of tea makes your journey truly enchanting.

100 minutes - HUF 22 700

"BEAUTY SHAPING" BODY SHAPING TREATMENT (with body scrub and massage, and body mask, on request)

The first step of the treatment is to scrub the problem areas and open the pores. The intensive body shaping massage helps to remove the excess liquids and reactivate the micro-level circulation that has a great impact on the cellulite and helps fight against the feeling of heaviness. You can ask for our treatment with body mask, to make its effects even more spectacular, while we give you a facial massage with aromatherapy cream.
Choose the massage cream you prefer: Snelling Anti-Cellulite Cream or Raxodo Anti-Sagging Cream.

Body shaping massage:
50 minutes - HUF 14 700

Body shaping massage and body mask:
80 minutes - HUF 18 700

„THALASSO MARE” - MOISTURIZING, SKIN FIRMING ALGAE TREATMENT (with body scrub, body wrap and body massage)

For our skin filling treatment, we use the treasures of the sea for your benefit. The body scrub, rich in minerals, detoxifies and fills the skin with vitamins. As long as the body wrap with three types of algae produce their beneficial effect, we pamper the skin of your face. The algae content of the face mask helps cell renewal, stimulates collagen and elastin production, thus it is an excellent aging inhibitor. The refreshing body massage fills up your entire body and soul. Due to its iodine content, it is not recommended for those who are sensitive to iodine! With a cup of tea, we make your relaxation more perfect.

75 minutes - HUF 18 700


It is a fine combination of ginger and green tea that helps to cleanse the body, and remove the toxins and water. Using the scrub made of natural vegetable oil and sea salt, the whole body is scrubbed and then wrapped into a special green tea powder mixture. As long as your skin absorbs the active ingredients, we pamper you with facial and scalp massage. The whole body is massaged with ginger-green tea beauty oil, and finally, complete refreshment is provided by a moisturizing body perfume, while a cup of green tea helps further detoxification.

90 minutes - HUF 22 700

(with body scrub and pampering body massage)

The land of Tahiti brings you the islands, a paradise, exotic days, romantic nights and sea adventures. The Polynesian-inspired salty scrub with Tiaré flower and exfoliating coconut shell melts on the skin to gently remove the dead skin cells. The vitamin E in the massage wax and the Tiare flower are natural antioxidants that inhibit the effect of free radicals on the skin. The gentle and caressing slow massage helps to relieve stress and reduce tension. At the end of the massage, both the body and the soul relax, which you can enjoy with a cup of hot tea.

60 minutes - HUF 15 700

„DUPLEX ENERGY” – FOUR-HAND RELAXATION - Full body massage with aromatherapy

An unforgettable treatment and truly luxurious experience, in which two masseurs, the harmony of four hands pampers you during the full body massage. Our essential oils create the harmony of body, spirit and soul to make your relaxation even more perfect. We save you time in our rushing world and give you the effect of a 60-minute treatment in only 30 minutes and make it more relaxing with a cup of tea.

30 minutes - HUF 15 700

BAMBARA - Wonderful Body Treatment
(with body scrub, foot and body massage)

The salt & oil body scrub removes the dead skin cells so that the valuable oils of the unique Bambara oil composition, developed only for our Hotel, with a delightful fragrance will be absorbed by your skin as efficiently as possible. The bases of the base oil, the argan oil and the grape seed oil nourish your skin, while the papaya and coconut-mango essences provide the magical fragrance. At the end of the massage, the Batida de Bambara cocktail makes our treatment really African.

75 minutes - HUF 19 700

RELAX PERFECTION (with back massage, facial, décolletage and hand massage)

Relaxing massage movements with bio shea butter: the perfect way to total relaxation. After the back massage, we start pampering your face. In the world of wellness, women seek prevention instead of corrections. This treatment deals with the genetic, the hormonal and the environmental signs of skin aging. After the facial cleansing, the professional and specific anti-aging massage movements accelerate microcirculation, oxygen uptake and stimulate the tissues to achieve firmer skin. During the facial mask treatment, which contains avocado extract and hyaluronic acid, we pamper your hands. You will feel the nourishing and lifting effect immediately, the wrinkles are reduced and the skin regains its vitality. For the perfect effect, we invite you for a cup of hot tea.

90’ HUF 22 700

Changing the date and type of the treatment is free of charge by the day which precedes the treatment. In the case of modification on the day of the treatment, a handling fee of HUF 1,000 is charged.

The cancellation of the treatment is free of charge by the day which precedes the treatment. In case of cancellation on the treatment’s day, 50% of the treatment’s price will be charged. If you cancel the treatment 1 hour before the start of the treatment, 75% of the treatment’s price will be charge, and if you fail to cancel, 100% of the price will be charged.