Massages & Beauty Treatments - Varázslatos Bambara Hotel**** Felsőtárkány

Massages & Beauty Treatments

Regenerate and be filled with new energy in our massage oasis, where special techniques and substances contribute to overall relaxation. Have a look at our offer to make sure that we invite you to adventures which have different effects, duration, and involve all the senses.

The effectiveness of our beauty rituals is given by the specific scents, the sophisticated textures and the harmony of the massage movements, which perfectly evoke the chosen experience. Immerse yourself completely in a pleasant spiritual journey that nourishes and beautifies both your body and your spirit.

During the choice of the massage substances and rituals, we have placed emphasis on the fact that the ingredients of the products used in the treatments should be of herbal purity. Only natural, mostly organic ingredients are used during our treatments, which create their effects in perfect synergy with the skin. They are free from paraben, colorant, preservatives and fragrance.

It is a lucky encounter of modern production technology with tradition and naturalness. Explore our world of wellness and experience professional entertainment. The professional materials used for our treatments and services, the beauty products and souvenirs can be bought in our hotel.