Bükk Mystery Park

In the area of our hotel’s forest, hidden by the trees, a special monkey town can be discovered in our Mystery Park.

At the foot of the Bükk Mountains, a unique maze town made from wood is hidden, where monkeys live with special abilities.

In the nests built in the dense foliage of the forest, with the ability to communicate with each other, the monkeys keep in touch through metallic tubes of mysterious origin. The precious treasures of the Mystery Park are guarded by a fearsome dragon that only lets children close to him.

Each member of the monkey clan is shown as a wooden sculpture, and thanks to their advanced abilities, they have even built a plane which can rise from the ground.

The favourite place of the monkey colony is the spacious yard on the top of the hill, because their mysterious traditional rituals are regularly held here.

The most secret gatherings of the large monkey clan are held in the cave hidden behind the waterfall only the chosen ones have an access to.

The town’s entrance is guarded by a gate, from which paths and suspension bridges lead to the various location of the town.

The forest has a special life in the Mystery Park.

Who will be the brave enough to discover the secrets of the lost monkey town?

Perhaps you and your family?

Mystery Park Adventures

Code game: Can you find the lost codes of the monkey colony?

Relic hunt: Can you collect the relics?

Labyrinth program: Can you find the way out?

Monkey expedition: Find the monkeys hiding in the Bükki Rejtély Park.