Bambara meerkats - Varázslatos Bambara Hotel**** Felsőtárkány

Bambara meerkats

The hotel’s funniest residents are the four-member Bambara meerkat family, who live in the inner atrium "Meerkat courtyard". They entertain our guests 24 hours a day and make them smile regardless of age.

What is a meerkat?

The meerkat belongs to the family of mongoose species; the word suricate comes from the Swahili language meaning "cliff cat". It is one of the most charismatic small mammals.

It lives in deserts, semi-deserts and grasslands in Africa. The black spot around the eyes serve to mitigate the blinding impact of the sun and there is a black stripe along its back. The meerkat is omnivorous; it eats insects, larvae and also fruits.

It is a social animal and lives in groups of 4-20 meerkats. One member of the team is a constantly on guard; it stands on its two hind legs and makes sure that the group is undisturbed and safe. They are the masters of fun in Bambara Hotel and complete their task to perfection.

Watch the meerkat feeding

in the meerkat courtyard

from 12:30 a.m. to 12:45 a.m.

(except Wednesdays).